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New Animations

  • I'm wondering why I'm not seeing animation mods on GTA V, at what point are we? What's missing? What's the problem? I'm curious about this world, I'm thinking to open a Fivem server but I need help to build it, and just a few minutes ago I asked to myself this question because I need new animations. I think that maybe I saw a video about adding animations to GTA V but I'm not completely sure

  • Tools is what we're missing

  • jedijosh920 showed off custom animations a while back. He never released the tool:

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I suggest that we need to contact a group of developers to develop a program that can do this, or open a request.

  • @Jitnaught That's the video that I saw, but it seems fake, I think that it is Franklin's 3D model taken and exported on Blender with an animation, but it's improbable. You think that I should open a request to develop a program to introduce custom animations?

  • @Tekarovt I doubt it's fake, Jedijosh is one of the most reputable gta modders

  • @death7991 I hadn't seen who had uploaded the video. I think that he is still coding the software. Anyway thank you guys! I forgot this video.

  • JJ show us his work extracting and decompilling YCD animation files to be used in any native format for 3d softwares, that is the "izi" part, the hard thing is when animation includes flags to mark events like sounds, attach objects to bones, ragdolls, etc That means a big research over every animation file in the game, extracting, decompilling and parsing looking for animation flags and their effects in game. Sadly, there is the dead point for an animation tool in GTA5.

  • @Tekarovt There isn't anyone interested, Codewalker (Dexyfex) already did most of the work, you can export animations to .xml files and import .xml files back to ycd but that's all there is to it, imagine manually making animations with notepad, speaking of Jedijosh's video then it's sort of true because all he shown was exporting the clips from ycd, and dancing franklin was 100% unrelated to the tool, the very same model he used for the video (without hair) is up on the web and anyone can download it, along the dance animation

  • @HeySlickThatsMe If Codewalker can export and import animations using .xml format, the bone interpolation tool will be so easy to do, is just a visual editor with skinned meshes render (in this step any 3d software with allowed scripting works) to edit and save position and rotation data per frame in the bones animation, save as .xml and reimport with Codewalker.

    But, is most complex like that because GTA5 uses more unknown stored data in YCD files, than just bones interpolation data, that is flags data. AFWK, OpenIV has been working on this for years, and still parsing the ycd estructure.

  • @MetaGTA said in New Animations:

    (in this step any 3d software with allowed scripting works)

    That's the thing, no one really wants to do it or knows scripting

  • @MetaGTA Thank you for the explanation, my opinion about it is that (Correct me if I'm wrong) maybe we need to make the game use an alternative animation format, injecting it, so that we have full control of it, obviously it is an explanation too synthetic and we should consider if it is possible, but I remember seeing something similar somewhere, perhaps on GTA SA.

    Anyway, I agree with you, It's not a simple animation, the YCD file is correlated with the game environment, that's why I'm dubious about what I said.

    What do you think about what I said?

  • @MetaGTA


    I am one of the few idiots, hehe, who have actually invested a not insignificant portion of time, into manipulating single clips via CodeWalker's .ycd export options.

    This has given me an opportunity to edit the default rootbone position offsets of different seated animations, to add custom ptfx and audio to anims, and to copy one or several .clip entries from .ycd A to ycd B, helping me create my own custom .ycds.

    However...as slick so succinctly put it, that is really all there is to it, at least at this point.

    Yes, a new script could change that, but unfortunately, nobody with the required set of skills is currently working on such a script.

    For what it is worth though, most of the flags, or rather Tags and Properties, with attributes, do not seem to directly control the animations themselves, but rather, as you said yourself, various types of "events".

    I have resolved quite a few of .ycd hashes, and concluded that everything(probably) is in lowercase, and that all the aforementioned events mostly are related to inverse kinematics,prop creation, audio and ptfx.

    So if, and that's a big if, such a script would become available, we would already be well on our way towards a more comprehensive level of animation modding.

    Have a nice day.


  • @grateful_for_mods

    What should this script do to allow us to edit the animations?

  • Sorry for Necro

    @grateful_for_mods but could you try emailing gtaivscripting@gmail.com to contact julio about your proposal?

    Or dorado45gaming@gmail.com if you want me to get in contact with him

    We would really like custom animations for Julio's scripts

  • I think I'm late, but I want to ask anyway, can I have your contact, since here I notice that people are not very quick to answer and I'm not very active lately?

    Why? I'm going to take the issue of animations more seriously and talk about it with those interested in finding a real way to finally (after years) add custom animations, I'm asking for everyone's help to complete this operation; I also have a project that has been going on for almost two years (a very particular Fivem server, of which I want to open an even more particular series) and I need staff.
    For more information just contact me privately here on the site, sorry if I was also too brief, but as I said, if you are interested I will explain better what I have in mind to do, thanks in advance!

  • Actual dual-wield animations would be fucking amazing!

  • @Tekarovt

    I assume you were addressing me.

    You can find me on Discord (5mods, NVE, Codewalker and many other servers).

    Look for Modifiver#1744

    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @grateful_for_mods I apologize if I am late, the site didn't notify me, I can't find you on Discord, maybe you changed your nickname, my nickname on discord is Matteo#9706.

  • @Tekarovt

    Hi. You can easily find me in the Modifiver channels in the NVE server ๐Ÿ™‚


  • @grateful_for_mods I sent you a friend request.

  • @Tekarovt accepted๐Ÿ™‚

  • I really wish we could edit the driving animations for LAYOUT_LOW so the drivers' legs aren't like... all hunched up.

  • @grateful_for_mods Hi you discord account doesn't work if u don't mind adding me i have some questions JACKTHERIPPER#0023

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