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GTA IV like unarmed combat mod?

  • Is there any sort of mod that makes the unarmed combat/melee like GTA IV. I much prefer it and think it was a lot more realsistic, challenging and exciting to watch compared to GTA V button mashing 1 hit kills.

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    @trapx1 What are you looking for? New fight animations like dodge, block, and punch? Or do you just want people to stop dying in one punch?

    I deleted my writhe animations, and raised the Ped health, and now when I fight it actually lasts a few minutes.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I think GTA V is very oversimplified and not really engaging, there's not much to it other than punch and kill. In GTA IV you had the option to move around to be out of range of jabs and then move in a perform kicks, punches and alt punches, there was also blocking and very good looking counters, which had to be timed correctly. I am looking for something that makes it more fluid, less mindless and perhaps more animations.

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