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How to identify the base "white" material of the cars and change it to another type of material

  • Hello there.

    I am a skin designer for various games, such as GTA4, GTA5, DCS World ecc.

    Time ago, when I was doing skins, liveries for cars in gta4 and gta5 it was very simple to identify the basic color of the car, because there was a template, when you use Open IV, you were able to see it. I changed the material from white to whatever (in this case carbon) and it was showing the car with carbon base. Whatever color I was putting on it in game, the carbon was visible. (it is still possible to do for some old mods) Now, for some reason everybody seems to do their mods with different "strategies" and they do not put a template in the mod. In order to be able to change to carbon, I need to go, export all textures and start changing them one by one to see which one is the base material of the car, and it does not work for all.

    My question is fairly simple, but I think I am just blind and cannot figure it out...

    How can I identify the base "white" material of the car, so when I change it do Carbon, brushed aluminium or whatever material i want, I can see it on the car and even if I change the color, I can still see the material under it?

    *For reference, this is what I mean. Changing this white, to carbon or brushed aluminium ecc.

    link text

    Thank you all for your attention,

    Avanti Gaming.

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