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"mods" folder MIA

  • Hello,

    I'm working with a Steam copy of GTA V, version 1.0.1868.1 as reported by my RAGE plugin hook. I just got this game and I'm just starting to play around with mods so forgive me if I'm a little illiterate about certain issues with modding GTA V.

    I'm trying to install RAGEuphoria, as installing the normal Euphoria mod caused the game to be unable to launch through the RAGE plugin and once I validated the game through Steam to get it running again, it deletes the necessary files.

    Anyways, I'm using OpenIV to do so, however I notices there is no "mods" folder that the instructions direct me to install the mod into. Similarly, the quick start guide mentions a file pathway "GTAV_root/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/<mod name>/dlc.rpf", however looking at the GTA directory through OpenIV, one can see there is no "mods" file.

    Similarly, when I try using the package installer on OpenIV, it tells me I cannot install files into the "mods" folder because I don't have "OpenIV.asi" installed. If it matters, the other mods I have successfully installed are

    LSPD First Response mod
    Stop the Ped
    Ultimate Backup

    I haven't really tried anything to necessarily fix this issue, since I can't see any clear way to proceed. I've thought about just creating a "mods" folder but it sounds like there should be a lot more stuff in it than just an empty folder. I've included pictures below of screenshots of my GTA directory in OpenIV and the greyed out option to install into a "mods" folder with the euphoria package installer.


    EDIT: I went ahead and just added an empty "mods" folder, but the package installer still will not let me install into that folder.




    In OpenIV, go to Tools -> ASI Manager, and install the required hooks.

  • In OpenIV, go to Tools -> ASI Manager, and install the required hooks.

    Thank you, this seemed to work!

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