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Pounder Dirt map issues...

  • Greetings,

    I'm a little late to the GTA modding scene (picked it up on the EGS freebie sale).

    I'm trying to figure out how to fix what I assume is the dirt map for the pounders. I'm using this mod (Trains, Trucks, Emergency & Service Vehicle Templates 2.5).

    I first freaked out thinking I messed something up when I was making my own edits but did confirm the issue is related to the above mod (vanilla has no issues). Speaking of issue, this is the dirt map issue I'm having issues with.

    I've been searching for anything related to dirt maps but not really seeing anything that can help me fix it for this particular mod. I suppose what I'm looking for is what terms should I be searching for to fix dirt maps, if there is already a fix for this vehicles dirt map (avoid redundancy) and/or how to correct the dirt map.

    For reference, this is what the dirt map looks like by default. It seems like the whole file is used just for the side for some reason.


    @dimedius yes those cars are not mapped properly for dirt, nothing to be done, most also lacks LODS so not optimized for replacement for vanilla cars

  • Would it be better to disable the dirt maps altogether then?

    Other question, where would the mapping information be found, in the vehicles uv? I have experience with modeling and texturing and would like to take a stab at trying to fix it unless its literally impossible (maybe what you mean nothing to be done).

  • Seemed to have found a fix following this guide. Tested on the _hi file and it cleaned it up. Now to apply it to the Lo Lod file, I suspect this will have been fixed.

  • Seems to have fixed it on the left hand side. Right hand and rear dont show any weird artifacts but it also seems they are missing the dirt map. Would like to know if theres a way to apply or move the dirt map to fit or show up on the right hand side.

  • Looks like this

    was the key I was looking for. Was able to adjust the uv mapping for both sides and rear and now it looks nice. Will work on the _hi and lods file and release as a mod provided I don't run into any more issues.

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