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How to mod a cutscene

  • Hello,
    I want to start by apologizing firstly if the question I am about to ask has already been answered, and secondly for my bad english. I hope I can remain clear enough.

    I'm writing this because I tried to mod a cutscene character (Amanda Townley), but something definitely went wrong since Amanda is not replaced by the ped I wanted her to be replaced to (Gentiana by kniouky & alex189), and all it does is distort her skin.

    You might have figured out now, I am trying to replace Amanda with Gentiana, but I can't figure out why it doesn't work.

    I tried the replace method by naming all Gentiana files to cs_amandatownley and/or ig_amandatownley and putting them into my EMF folder, which only distorted amanda's skin. I tried to use Character Swap to spawn as Gentiana and make her hash be Amanda's hash, which didnt change anything.

    My EMF folder should be working since I used it to replace ambient NPCs and it works just fine.

    I'm running the latest version of GTA V on Epic Games. Scripthook is updated (I believe so)

    I should be able to give further informations if needed, but since I'm new to modding, please be patient :)

    Thanks for the help and for reading this far.

  • @Khalilskrr

    1. we are still not able to edit cutscenes :cry:
    2. about peds in cutscenes there are CS_ and IG_ versions of these peds, CS_ used in cutscene and IG_ used between scenes . CS model need to be more detailed with facial animations etc so you can't replace CS model with model that was not made as CS.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Both are false, as for model changing, the issue is caused because the ped model downloaded is NOT in parts unlike amanda, you can use IG Models just fine and we can edit cutscene properties with codewalker, technically it would be possible to add a custom model for Amanda but there's multiple ways to do this:
    1.Edit the cutscene and change the ped model (add the custom ped as new character) Keep in mind this might be broken in storyline
    2.Edit peds.ymt so Amanda is NOT streamed, this way you can replace her with custom model
    3.More tedious - if it's possible (if the model is not locked) to export to open formats and manually convert all the models into parts with notepad

  • @HeySlickThatsMe maybe some of them will work but not all. I replaced both IG and CS amanda with this model and when you was walking it was glitched af. It worked just till you didn't move lmao. And cutscenes was working only that ones where game is using IG model, once it had to use CS model, it freezed and animation didn't even started.

  • Thanks for answering, guys!

    @HeySlickThatsMe said in How to mod a cutscene:

    2.Edit peds.ymt so Amanda is NOT streamed, this way you can replace her with custom model

    This look like the easiest way to get to a decent result. What should I change in the file? And how?

  • @ArmaniAdnr You most likely forgot the yft file, but ofcourse there wouldn't be any facial animations (+ some cutscene peds have different scales)
    @Khalilskrr I think codewalker should be able to open peds.ymt, the file itself should be somewhere in update.rpf

  • @HeySlickThatsMe big big sorry to you and @Khalilskrr aswell sorry to you for false info :pray_tone3: :pray_tone3:
    you are right I forgot the skeleton or better to say I think I didn't use it on purpose to don't lose facial animation so yes you can replace CS ped with any IG ped but you will lost facial animations.

  • @ArmaniAdnr Facial animations aren't only tied to skeleton but the models themselves, so even if skeleton would work, the facial anims wouldn't

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