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How can i make openable addon garage doors for gta

  • Wel i am making an custom map with firestations. Does anyone knows where i can find tutorial or some help. Hit me up plz my discord name is: Owen | OwenMods #1500

  • @Owen-Mods. You should be making the mod a mlo so you don't have certain issues.
    Also if you decide not to go the mlo route, don't tag your mod as an interior when you upload it.
    This website can teach you a lot about mlo and general map modding. https://dekurwinator-mods.bitrix24.site/

    But basically, you add a vanilla garage door to your mod. It should work fine if you do nothing else to it. There are things you can do to change it's behavior or how it opens if you want to dig deeper into the files and flags. That website i linked has a flag section. Doortuning.meta and doortuning.ymt will change some of the behavior aspects. I recommend if you want to edit the doortuning, to make a copy of and rename the door you want to use before you make a new doortuning entry that way you don't affect the other vanilla doors in the game.

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