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Why Haven't There Been Any GTA Fan Games Yet?

  • With everyone begging Rockstar for a GTA6 or a Bully 2 I have to ask, Why not make it yourself? Not to be rude or anything but seriously why wait for Rockstar to never do it when you could do it yourself, Sonic fans sure aren't gonna wait for a new Sonic game, why do you think there are so many Sonic Fan Games.

  • I don't think that Take Two would be very keen on the idea. Plus, most of us probably don't have the resources to undertake such an endeavor.

  • @IreBurn I think @DeckerChick48 mean fully mod your game to your own taste. I'm working on it even that I choosed one of the most difficult versions. But I've seen a lot of people have their own games from GTA V doesn't matter if it's real life alike, marvel alike, zombie alike etc (:

    I just can say you don't see it mostly coz they can't upload it as it take a tons of time just make it from existing mods so no way to make it with all own mods. So you can see this full moded fan games only in youtube videos. As GTA is so various, there is no way to you make fully modded game 100% by yourself. Only way possible would be if tens or hundreds of modders make a group a spend at least one year working on it. That's my opinion on this theme :shrug_tone3:

  • (sorry if you misunterstood anything, english is not my native language though I think I'm pretty fluent at it)
    Because making a Grand Theft Auto game is hard. You see, there's this thing called 171 which is a GTA-like game being developed, but the difference is that its map is on a brazilian city. Betagames Group (the independent company behind this game) has gattered more than 10k dollars through Catarse, used lots of models from other sites (which I hope they credit them to) and it has been in active development since 2015 but its pre-alpha has released just recently.
    I can't say the same for linear games though since there are some kinda nice games released, especially those based on Source engine (e.g. Portal TWTM and Hunt Down th- no, this one doesn't deserve to be called a release).

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