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WOV version 8 birds bug FIX

  • I think lot of you or even all who use World of Variety mod and installed newest version have this problem even that you may not notice it. I aswell noticed it just few days ago. Problem is that it spawns people on the place where should be the birds and they are glitched as they act like birds or they are aswell falling from the wiring.

    Today had time to look at it and fix is simple. Problem was made in file 'ambientpedmodelsets.meta'. Simply use this file from older version and it would be fixed. I see that WOV don't have old files for download so for these who don't have backed up old files I can upload this file but only if admins give me permission to it here as it's not file made by me, it's just old file from WOV that I don't even touch.

    Or best would be if author would be contacted by admins about this so he can fix it as if I'm right, it's not made by one person and I never get respons for my messages to the person who uploaded it :shrug_tone3:

  • Hi there replacing wov8 ambientpedmodelsets.meta with the one from wov7 makes no dfifference for me. Still have bird men...
    You ever identify exactly what was wrong in that meta file? maybe i can find the line and fix it manually?

  • I wish people wouldn't remove old versions really. I was tried that mod before but it felt like it doesn't really provide what it shows. The ambient events felt extremely rare to me. Also it's causing cop cars to follow you from like 600 meters or something and they are stucking when you stop. Very weird issue.

  • @mpaintz uf, it's some time so I really don't remember but I think I was not able to find which exact line it was so that's why I used whole file from older version...I found which file is causing problem by replacing whole WOV almost file by file

  • I found a fix for LOD animals bug (animals from med, high distance looks like green sloths or titanic posed humans)

    You need to change this for all a_c_ (animals) in peds.meta

    <SuperlodType>SLOD_HUMAN</SuperlodType> to <SuperlodType>SLOD_NULL</SuperlodType>


    <SuperlodType>SLOD_HUMAN</SuperlodType> to <SuperlodType>SLOD_KEEP_LOWEST</SuperlodType>

    ...depends on specific animal. Just check vanilla peds.ymt for references.

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