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Help!!! My mods crash the game...

  • I get a lot of comments saying that my mods crash the game as soon as they spawn from them.
    I don't know why this happens, because in my game everything goes well and I have several mods installed, such as mods for Graphics, Textures, Cars, My Bikes, Peds, Maps ...

    Can someone help me to discover the problem?

    So I lose the desire to create more content for the game.

    (I use Zmodeler 3 Crack version 3.1.2, I think it is bad to have to pay for the program every month, that without always being able to make mods and spending money for nothing.)
    Is it because of that?
    Because helmets for example nobody says anything about crash. and they are made in Autodesk.

    I apologize if there are any errors in the writing. I am Portuguese.


    @RkrdM if you mean your (older) bikes, could be, the older version of zmod had issues with bikes in particular
    I think that was fixed since somewhere in 2018

    Indeed older bikes I have in, sometimes spawn perfectly, sometimes immediately when spawned crash the game

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2021-honda-crf450rw
    For that mod try lowering the 4k textures to 2k and remove the Mystery chrome ball! GTAV doesn't use that.

  • @ReNNie I stopped making mods in 2018. and the program I'm using now is the one I used before.
    But it is strange that in my game everything goes well and apparently it does not give this error to everyone.

  • @CyberdyneSystems what are you talking about is ENVMap? but the game has that.
    I will make!
    does your game crash? so I do that and send you the files to test.

    Because I don't mind, that's why I share the mods.


    @RkrdM Some ppl have 'persistence' mods installed, that also try and access the trunk content of your car (for weapon caches and all). If said car is a bike, often the bike in question will have no defined trunk at all (and this, in turn, will crash the persistence mod/game). Not saying that's the case here, but it's good to be aware of it.

  • I found it, the problem is World Of Variety before I installed that your mods worked fine but as soon as I install wov they crashed the game, considering a lot people use wov thats why the majority of people have problems with your mod. In my opinion loosing wov is a good price to pay for your mods lol

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