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Questions about intro loading screen

  • So after about 7 years of playing this game and looking for something new to do, I finally decided to mod GTA single player. I am at the point of modding the loading screen when the game first starts.

    When the slideshow intro starts as the game loads it cycles through about 2 images before changing into a blank black screen with nothing but the annoying GTA Online news box. This blank black screen feels like it stays on forever before shuffling to the next image.

    My questions are;

    • Can I remove the "annoying" GTA Online news window which blocks half of the screen and covers my new intro pictures?

    • Can I change the blank black screen? This blank black screen also loads in the vanilla version and on other mods that I have tried.

    • Can I change the speed of the slidehow intro to see more pictures and is there an option to turn off the random shuffle so that the pics go in order?


  • I found the way to connect to offline mode without having to disconnect from my network. Use OpenIV to search for commandline.txt and add -scOfflineOnly to the list. Playing in offline mode removes the "annoying" Online News box.

    I am still having issues with the intro loading screen. I changed 29 backgrounds and floating characters inside scaleform_platform_pc but when the load the game it plays only the same couple of images and then freezes on the third picture until the it is almost completely loaded. There has to be a way to edit the transition speed and select what pictures are shown or add a shuffle to mix up the rotation of the images. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it?

  • Same works by just adding -scofflineonly to launch options in steam. Anyway, that won't work forever. Eventually you will be required to connect to social club. I believe it's after a certain number of game starts as I would get the notification in the same day I set the game for offline mode when testing mods.

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