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  • i get this message after i well. .. converted a the chinese Aircraft carrier into the game. when i spawn it. it spawns i can drive it around for like 30 seconds and then always Bam! this error.

    err_mem_embeddedalloc_guard_4 Memory error please restart your game. i resized the Aircraft carrier even made it smaller to asize of boat still same timing and same error. if you guys ever had this error and know anything about it. please do let me know.


  • @FoxtrotDelta Well it's likely to have a mem error when you are spawning modelled ships like the USS-DALLAS,Titanic,the IV Yacht,in this case,your aircraft carrier when you have other cars modded spawning on the roads,I havent found solution to that,maybe add your video memory.
    You can try to spawn it without the vehicle mods or spawn it far away from the land,deep into the ocean

    I'm kinda sure that the carrier is still of high poly,maybe downgrade it a little?
    P.S:and maybe release a beta version for testing it on other's computer?

  • @Elope yea, well its a long way from beta testing right now. its probably the High poly count because it has like 55k polys . hmm. no workaround there. i'll try and make it spawn as as aircraft. lets see what happens. if i get it upto speed. i shall be happy to release it soon. i am working on J-15A flying Shark, of chinese airforce. kinda wanted to release them both together, if not together well, atleast it should be good enough for A video, and some screenshots.

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