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Only police helicopter responding after 3 wanted stars. (no vehicles respond).

  • Hi, I recently re installed Realism Dispatch 3.1.1 and after building the .OIV file i noticed that in game, when I start to get wanted levels there are no police response. The map flashes red/blue for some seconds and I will become unwanted after that. (If I use the trainer to increase the level, I get a helicopter once in a while after reaching 3 stars).

    Can anyone assist me to fix the issue? thanks in advance.

  • @Fdarr Realism Dispatch Enhanced hasn't been updated since 2017. So no wonder that you have this issue.

  • I know, but I noticed comments in the download section of the mod where users are still having this mod working correctly, So i'm guessing there is something wrong in my settings.

    (The only thing I replace is the gameconfig file because without the latest 1 the game will crash.

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