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CDT/Alloc memory - Bad mods, gameconfig, hardware or steam version?

  • Good afternoon guys. I have 3 questions I hope easy to answer and I will be very gratefull if someone help me with this.

    I read you guys all have many mods installed, liberty City map, vice city map, thousands of replacements and add-on cars…
    And im sorry to bother but it's very sad that a 2013 game does not provide a log file telling you what file or whatever is causing the crash.. Even in 2006 medieval 2 total war ure provided with a crashlog file.. sad..

    I have exactly 8 add-on cars all with great reviews and low Megabytes per file, LOD's..plus 6 or 7 replacements of cars some of them i took the files (ytd's, yft's, carvariations, vehicles.meta…) from dlc of add-on cars, i have carefully looked the popgroups, popcycle and dispatch files i have changed to see if some <Item> or other line was missing, lost hours counting the veh_... values so all is equal to 100 in the cycle.. tried everything..

    But my game sometimes still crashes. sometimes it just crash to desktop with no error code or message, sometimes the stupid memory allocation error, and it seems to happen when i'm driving and changing zones in the city. My heap is now set to 1300, but this i don't know if it's the right number.

    Also tried some of great gameconfigs that some of you uploaded into the site, some still crash after more time (crash to desktop with no error) and some times the allocation error, and some never crashed but leave the game very heavy for my 12 gb ddr3 ram or so it seems.
    The hardware i play this game is not new, but it's more than enough, nVidia gtx 1050 amd fx 6300 always running at 4, stable, monitorized by overdrive, as rock x-boost always on, can play for exemple far cry primal ultra with no fps drop, metro 2033, last of us… so please this is a 2013 game..

    My question are
    1- Does anyone know a gameconfig like 0.5car 0.5 peds that allow me to have at least 20 mods?
    2- Whats the difference between the crash to desktop with no error and the allocation memory error?
    3- Can it be because i have the lame steam version? I've passed my files to my brother hes using the cd version and, again, has thousands of mods installed, and even without my cars in his folders, which should make my popgroups and popcycle crash and even the dispatch, he just lagged a bit when he changed zones in game or when he had wanted level or had a car accident but his game NEVER, NEVER CRASHED!

    Thank you VERY MUCH.

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