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GTA Crashing on Loading Screen

  • Hello everyone i download a house mod its called the mafia house mod its a oiv

    After i downloaded everything worked after i turned off my pc

    Then when i entered GTA 5 it was crashing on loading

    I deleted my mods folder{don't worry i made a copy of it}

    After I deleted the mods folder it surprisingly worked

    But when i put it back in{the mods folder}

    It doesn't work!!!!

    I've verified the game more then enough times[probably like 10 times},changed game config and delete some new mods I've installed.

    Please help guys

    It's been 3 days since I've played

    I've also looked on reddit, gta5mods, gtaforums, steamforums/help

    But sadly nothing has worked

  • I meant after I turnt off my computer everything didn't work

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