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  • hello guys...
    I recently modded my Gta v on a clean version and have a few mods install which is just about 7 cars (which works fine) and 8 scripts and after that,,,my gta v mission ain't working anymore
    so I tried disabling the mods folder and deleted the scripts folder and all the mods which are installed in my game directories but still Gta v mission ain't working...exception on the first and mission and even that I faces some cutscene glitches...I have verified my game files and still can't replay missions...should anybody have any knowledge concerning how to fix this problem on and mods that could help me replay default gta v mission with cutscenes???
    I'll be so thankful
    pateintly waiting for your humble response

  • Have you downloaded any mods that install directly to your root folder (where gta.exe resides)? They are usually .asi files, some accompanied by same/similarly named .ini files. Make sure you don't have any of those (common examples are the script hook v and trainer mods).

  • @dimedius oh okay is there really another solutions since I really want to play with gta v mods...have seen a l lot of guys replaying gta v default mission with mod on youtube....none of them have reply me duo...to a how the still replay with mods when there in no script hook mods won't work according to research.....kindly help me bro

  • I wouldn't be able to help you without knowing which car mods you downloaded and what your root folder looks like (i.e. if you can take a pick of your root folder and all the files).

    Theres either a lingering mod file somewhere or if you modified or (in some rare cases) the OIV that auto installs the mod messed with your root files. Also, I've had issues installing some other types of mods that modify rpf's and had the most success with rebuilding/encrypting with archivefix.

  • how do i send you the screen shot please

  • can I have your email so I can send it to easily,,,,or whats app guess that would be easy and fast...cause I'll be very very glad if your can help me solve this issue ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


    please do not create multiple topics on the same subject
    that's why I deleted the others which you placed in other categories

  • I don't if I can help just yet. You can upload pictures to some image hosting site like imgur (or whatever people prefer here). You can then link it to this post or PM me, though it might be best to post it on this thread so if anyone else runs into a similar issue, they can follow along.

  • @dimedius Bro thanks for assisting I have been able to solve it...it was cause by a vehicle control scripts .asi and working james bond vehicle....so everything is working just fine...

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