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Texture becoming yellow on vehicle

  • Hi, so as the title says, I have a problem with some parts of the car that turn yellow when I move the camera. It often happened to rubber of the doors on other mods, and I never knew why, but now with another mod the whole dashboard is yellow...

    I'm sure the problem is easy to solve, but I don't know how.

    If you have an idea that might help, feel free to say : )

  • @Theoasterix
    Never heard of that before?! Give me a download link to the vehicle with the yellow dash (& I'll be able to see where it is getting it's dash texture from etc) :thumbsup:

  • @Theoasterix Is it doing something like in this video?

    I had this issue when I made my texture for the customized props in the video using the program gimp 2.8. I did a few things all at once to fix the issue, so I'm not sure exactly if it was just one thing that fixed it or if it indeed was a combo of the fixes. For one, I decreased the size of the texture. It was still a power of two when it was too big for what was needed so that wasn't the issue. I originally didn't set the compression so I ended up setting that to bc3/dxt5, and I also originally didn't check a setting to generate mipmaps so did that when I recreated the dds. Once I did all that it fixed the issue.

  • Sorry for late answer, I didn't see your messages.
    @a63nt-5m1th No problem I can send you the file in pm
    @chonkie Hmm no it's not like this in fact this depends of how I move the camera

  • @Theoasterix. Is this with a mod you made or someone else's. Honestly if it's someone else's mod the issue should be something that the mod author should deal with, not you the end user.

  • @chonkie No it is on several of my mods :/

  • @Theoasterix Ah, what are the texure dimensions? Make sure you use power of two, that might be the issue. If not, then a63nt-5m1th is one smart cookie and will most likely have an answer.

  • @chonkie So, one of the problematic textures is 512x512, and another of 256x256. But the other textures are 128x128.

  • @Theoasterix Did you send @a63nt-5m1th your file to look at? Did you make the textures yourself? Did you try the other things i said that fixed my issue when i had a yellowing issue? Could be the same issue but just presenting itself in a different way.

  • @chonkie
    Nah, not yet.
    Some pics or a video of the issue might help too, if you can provide them :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yes I will try to make a short video

  • Try change compression type in OpenIV to a8r8g8b8

    right click on the texture, properties/ pixel format

  • @Theoasterix
    Given you sent me a '.z3d' ZModeler file, we need a little clarification on where exactly the vehicle parts are turning yellow? (ie Is it in-game as a completed '.yft' model or in ZModeler itself?).
    Are you creating a new vehicle from scratch or editing someone else's? Are you trying to fix the yellow in ZModeler or is this a by-product of your edits in Zmodeler? etc
    Start from scratch & give us a detailed synopsis of exactly what the problem is, don't miss anything out, the more info the better, thanks :thumbsup:
    Sorry, it's just you never mentioned ZModeler & we're like 2 weeks into this thread. For example, if it's ZModeler related I am completely unqualified to help lol

  • @a63nt-5m1th Sorry for late answer, I tried solving the problem by doing what @CyberdyneSystems said, and it actually works ! Thanks for your help !

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