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How do I uninstall an OIV package that doesn't have an uninstaller?

  • I believe that it might be causing my game to crash.

  • @PhantomFire89 You can open the assembly.xml file of the OIV installer to see what files were installed and where they were placed. Just put the vanilla files back into those locations.

  • @PhantomFire89
    Note: You need to have access to copies of the previous files you had installed or access to vanilla files for this to work. As long as you have backups or are using a 'mods' folder & can grab vanilla copies from the game folder, you should be good :thumbsup:

    Best way is to grab 7zip, this will allow you to open & extract '.oiv' archives.

    • Once 7zip is installed, just right-click '.oiv' > 7zip > extract here/extract to... etc or open '.oiv' with 7zip (right-click '.oiv' > 7zip > Open Archive).

    • In the '.oiv' is an 'assemby.xml' file that will tell you exactly what files & where the '.oiv' installed them.

    • Either, study 'assemby.xml' & collect all the files you would like to return to (vanilla files or files from previous backup etc).


    • Alternatively, the files the '.oiv' installed will be contained in the '.oiv' folder structure within the 'content' folder (file structures after that may vary, just have a look in all/any folders within the 'content' folder to find all the files). Use that as a guide to find out what files it installed instead of 'assembly.xml' if you prefer.

    • Once you have collected all your vanilla/original files somewhere, use 7zip to replace the same files in the same locations in the '.oiv' (easiest way is to open the '.oiv' with 7zip & then use drag & drop to replace each & every one of them & accept any update message that appears)

    • Once you have replaced all the files in the '.oiv' with your vanilla/original equivalent files, you simply close 7zip & then reinstall your new edited '.oiv' using OpenIV, returning all the files to vanilla/previous copies etc.

    That's the basics anyway, any issues/questions give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • @chonkie
    Must have taken me ~20 mins to type my message (had a cup of tea too right enough), your post wasn't there when I started anyway :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Lol, your input is always appreciated. I guarantee that someone will need your more detailed explanation with included steps and options.

  • Another alternative option, if the oiv installer installed dlcpacks or certain x64a.rpf-x64w.rpf into your mods folder and there are no other edits to those dlcpacks or rpfs for other mods, you can simply delete the folder or rpf file from the mods folder to remove what the oiv installer installed. No need to replace files in that situation.


    .OIV packages should always be installed in mods to begin with, so you should still have the original files when overwritten. If changes were made to just a single DLC/x??.rpf file, fastest would probably just be to re-copy those to mods, and no longer install the .OIV. :)

  • Welp, I read all I could, but I still made a dumb mistake. I wanted to install the E.R.O mod and I didnt patiently read all the instructions and installed the .oiv file right away with Open IV then I read what I needed to do and I did it, but now that I installed the .oiv file, the game keeps crashing and I dont know how to solve it. Anyone know how to help me? Thanks

  • @Der_Buta
    Always better to start a new thread rather than necropost.

    Uninstalling an OIV Mess

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