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Is there a way to manually edit gameconfig.xml?

  • Like which values do you change? I have an older version of GTA V and can't find a gameconfig for it, I was wondering if I can pull off a DIY somehow?

  • I would suggest download an already premade gameconfig, and then see what the developer has changed inside.

  • Alright I'll try that out! Thanks for the suggestion!


    I would suggest that you update your game, we do not allow support for pirated game copies

  • I actually have a retail copy and I just did not update it due to a lack of space. I had firewall exceptions for the Social Club software.

  • @RTechT Rockstar Launcher will insist (after a week or so) thay you install a new Social Club version. And SC, in turn, will crash on older game installs now.

    Tl;dr: closing this thread now.

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