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[Vehicle Request] Toyota Corolla Sportivo Hatchback

  • Hi all, ive been browsing the gta 5 mod section and have not been able to find a toyota corolla sportivo. It would be amazing if someone could make the car! <3
    Sporty, yet compact looking car. 2 models of the vehicle, front bumper, grille, light and foglight difference.

    Here is a 2003 model: 0_1593582428496_upload-449a1482-d486-4de1-9350-39c7ff65db96

    Here is a 2005 model:0_1593582441697_upload-9d46d8c8-f6e2-4239-90da-cfdc5e5382e5

    Rear: 0_1593582546794_upload-8d77a2ea-ab3f-4308-92b1-5e1995baf10e


  • Why do people want real life cars? Do the vanilla vehicles not perform well or something?

  • @IreBurn Just for aesthetics and feeling of excitement to see your car ingame :P

  • @dannyboo12 I wouldn't want to see my car in game. I drive a beat up 1996 GMC Jimmy. It was all I could afford.

  • @dannyboo12 If you find model , i can convert you in private..... contact me by PM if you're interested :)

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