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[PLAYER][RELEASED] Zombie Franklin


    alt text


    You need the OpenIV Tool to install this mod!
    Download link


    1. Install OpenIV
    2. Creat a folder in the game’s root directory and name it to mods
    3. Copy the x64v.rpf file (it’s in the root directory) into the mods folder
    4. Open up OpenIV
    5. Install the OpenIV’s OpenIV.asi and ASI loader
    6. Enable edit mode
    7. Extract the mod’s archive somewhere
    8. In OpenIV follow this path: mods/x64v.rpf/models/cdimages/streamedpeds_players.rpf/player_one/
      then drag&drop the files from the mod’s injured or non-injured folder into OpenIV (in the path above)
    9. Close OpenIV
    10. Done

    Here is a tutorial to install the OpenIV.asi and ASI Loader, and to use of the OpenIV’s mods folder feature: LINK

    The easiest way if you use a trainer to select the proper textures (in the trainer’s clothes/wardrobe menu).
    I recommend to use Simple Trainer for GTA V

    In this trainer open clothes menu in model spawning and use these values:
    Head: 1-1-1-10
    Upper (shirt): 1-32-1-16
    Upper (naked): 27-32-1-1
    Lower: 1-24-1-4
    Shoes: 1-20-1-12

    Backup files are not included because you don’t need it thanks to OpneIV’s mods folder feature!

    You can use different hair and facial hair styles, and anything else, and if you want to use other upper clothes use long sleeve one, because t-shirts and sleeveless upper wears has own arm skin textures.

    Real | RAGE Graphics Enhancer

    If you found a bug, or you have suggestions, write me a comment!

    My other zombie mods:
    Zombie Michael
    Zombie Trevor
    Zombie Jimmy

    If you make a video with/about this mod, please link the mod's page at least in the video's description!
    Do not claim you made this mod and don’t upload it to nowhere without my permission!

    © 2016 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe)

    Release notes
    v2.0 (10/22/16)

    • Doubled the textures resolution
    • Sharpened textures
    • Adjusted the colors of the wounds
    • Anatomicaly correctd the chest wound
    • Added naked upper body injured and non-injured textures
    • Made a new, nice readme file :)

    v1.0 (31/05/15)

    • first release

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