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Actually getting Mods to work with GTA V 1868 online 1.50. Cannot launch GTAV accept from launcher now!

  • Hi,
    I have not played GTA V in about a year. I have updated it and now it has moved across to the new Rockstar Games Launcher. I cannot run the game from the GTAV.exe or PlayGTAV.exe anymore as an admin to get MODs to work. Only the scripthookV trainer will work and the game alerts me of unauthorised files present so I have added the launch arguments as -scofflineonly and this work fine with the trainer. However despite blocking GTAV in my firewall or disconnecting the internet when added anything with OpenIV the game will automatically update and restore the game. I cannot MOD it whatsoever. How do you get the game to MOD? I love using my mods but they now cannot be used anymore. Can you fool the game in any way? is there a launcher or something to get around Rockstar Games Launcher or disable updates in GTAV?
    There has to be a way. Many thanks.


    Wrong section, this doesn't go in documentation.

    Read the guides - you don't go online with modded files. If you took precautions and used a mods folder, you can just disable the asi loader (rename dinput8.dll) and the game will not have any mods applied.

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