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Le Mansory

  • The new Ford GT by Mansory is crazy and I cannot get over it.
    Would be great if someone could make it, Paid/Free.

    Thanks in advance!
    alt text

  • I know this thread is old/sorry to necro-post, but I got back to GTA like 1-2 weeks ago and I'm kinda pissed off/feel like ranting. I need to get it off my chest. Don't delete plox!

    Just wanted to say, I recently saw somebody with a paid one, and it's a custom request/model, and they asked me to pay them 50 Euros ($60+) for it. I'm triggered.
    I would hope that after all these months, by the time I return, we'd have a free one here, or a cheap one, but nope... From the looks of it, by the time we get a free one, this game will no longer be appealing... or at least I won't be playing it myself most likely.
    The reason behind this being that most of the mods we get are using models extracted from other games and converted/ported to GTA. I don't know any game that has this car, so I hope some game gets it soon, cause I know I'm not paying 50+ bucks for a single car either. Some creators seem to think that a single vehicle is worth as much as the entire copy. With such prices, no wonder everyone's work is being leaked...

    P.S. There's literally even ads about their patreon on this site, they rub it in our faces all day long. Even with Adblock, I still see them. Very frustrating. The teasing is real.
    I don't normally support any sort of piracy, but people like them 100% deserve their work being leaked, I swear...

  • @pixelmurderer
    I kind of get the frustration but at the same time, I see why they would charge that kind of money. That shit takes time and then I'm assuming they make everything compatible with GTA V which is even more work. I mean I personally wouldn't pay that but I know some people would especially for a one of a kind type of vehicle that doesn't exist in any other game.

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