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Any popgroups?

  • Good afternoon guys,

    I really need help. I have an edited popcycle which includes the group veh_ranger in some zones, and so I was using one of the great popgroups mod provided in the web and edited, just for me ofc, to include the group "VEH_RANGER" (vehicle I work with in my job), it's not the replaced car problem, spawns right with the dispatch meta and in traffic, and only 4mb the whole file i guess.

    But as soon I edit the popgroups, the vehicles "gresley" "landstalker" "xls" and "emperor" will enter an infinite cycle. I only almost see that cars in traffic, and i didn't miss any "<>" or "Item" or whatever, triple checked that, and I only edited bellow the "veh_hwaycop" and added the veh_ranger (copy paste "COPCAR" and changed the values). So I went to change "maxnum" of that vehicles in vehicles.meta, doesn't work, start spawning others in same infinite cycle.

    (it's a very good mod and it's only not working probably because i changed it, i'm not complaining and i would never complain about the work of others that upload their work into the web for free)

    Saying that, i decided to check the popgroups and noticed that many cars are repeated in various groups so i think thats the problem along with my gameconfig (but that's all this old hardware can stand). So problem described, my question is guys, is there any popgroups in the site that does not repeat vehicles at least in "veh_rich/poor/mid"?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    @Lvsitanvm I just made a Popgroup that contains only sports, supers, and other rare cars not seen on the road. During testing I noticed that with no edits to the gameconfig, I was seeing alot of the same cars. After editing all vehicles metas to make all spawns the same, I was still seeing this one car more often. After editing the gameconfig lines vehicle memory multiplier, I started seeing more cars on the road. I have the scramjet set to spawn but never see it, after increasing the memory the car started spawning with other cars. Not sure if this will be a fix, but its a start.


  • Thanks bro. I'll give it a try!

  • Traffic's normal again and way more. Just hope this lame ddr3 will keep up the cpu and gpu so i can use it with your senora mod as well :D I think it's all about gameconfig and vehicles.meta more thant actually adding more to the groups or adding more cycles. Thank you for changing and adding all that values brother this is a 7star mod.

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