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Texture for the Predator Police Boat?

  • I made a texture file for this but when I put it in predator.ytd OpenIV doesn't apply it when I open predator.yft. How can I make this work?

  • @IreBurn
    The vanilla predator get's it's texture from 'vehshare.ytd', the 'police_new2' texture in vehshare most likely.

    Rename your texture in the 'predator.ytd' to 'police_new2' & see if/where your texture shows up on the model. Try different texture names from 'vehshare.ytd' if 'police_new2' doesn't work.
    It definitely gets it's texture from one of the textures in vehshare. You can check that by hitting the little '[ - ]' symbol right of the green texture names under 'Using textures:' (bottom right ) on the Open IV Model Viewer (ie when you open the '.yft' in OpenIV.). It's not permanent, close & reopen the '.yft' to have the textures display correctly again :thumbsup:

    A model is required to have it's textures mapped to it, you can't just throw any texture you want at it & have things be in the right place. Going by the 'police_new2' texture (if I'm right about that), I think you're only going to be able to change the colours (black & white) & design a new logo/writing (you could probably get a camouflage or simple repeating pattern working also, dependant on texture resolution & how exactly the model is mapped), but a complicated design is unlikely to display correctly.
    This will all make sense when you see your texture on it :thumbsup:

    Try it out & see what you get, but if your texture is anything more than a logo & colour change, expect to have it show up a little weird. Just so you know what to expect :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks for the info. I got it to work in a workaround way. I just used a .ytd from a download of the predator boat that already had the .dds file in it. Used the replace option.

    Now, I'm editing the texture from the Police Bicycle (World of Variety installed it) but there's still a part that's white. I can't discern from the .dds files in the .ytd (either cycle.ytd or vehshare.ytd) which one I would need to edit. It's this part of the bike. https://imgur.com/a/Q805MIQ Found it.

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