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Need some guide with strHandlingFlags

  • So there are some digits in this strHandlingFlags line but I couldn't find any useful information about them that which number does at which digit.

    If anyone knows a guide or knows what number does at spesific digit, could you please help me with that. I'm trying to disable auto braking for my addon cars (so that's my primary question) but knowing others as well might come in very handy.

  • @Aurora11
    Good info & a table of the values in this thread :thumbsup:
    Search for "STRHANDLINGFLAGS" & you'll find it.

    You work from right to left with the numbers.

    Example (correct digit positioning):


    Put a zero ('0') in any positions you don't want to use:


    Use the values 1, 2, 4 & 8 to select the attributes/flags you want from the table:



    So, starting from right-most digit, the example just above would have:

    (0) - Nothing Selected
    (2) - TYRES_CAN_CLI
    (8) - ARMOURED

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you very much. It doesn't include all the digit explanations though but I have found out;
    disables the auto braking.

  • @Aurora11 you came here for the same reason i did.
    its the 1 value ^ that disable engine breaking :))

  • @Jaaybopsmedia Oh true haha :D Thank you so so so much for explaining me which exact one disabling auto braking :blush: :blush: :rose:

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