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LA Roads and LSPDFR questions


    I am planning on installing and playing LSPDFR in the next week, I as curious if anyone uses LA Roads with LSPDFR and if so does everything work okay with LA Roads applied?

    I have yet to install LA Roads... I am not sure if it is worthwhile, any thoughts?

    I wanted to install the billboards pack from Ganjahouse but it is not compatible with LA Roads... So I have been holding off on a decision.

    I appreciate any input or suggestions.

    Kind regards.


  • @Darthpungz L.A. Roads is great, you should try it. I don't know how the Real Posters, Graffiti And Tags for LA mod isn't compatible with LA Roads, but If you install manually, you could avoid the conflicting parts.

  • Only x64L from real billboards conflicts with L.A Roads
    so install everything except x64l
    you can choose
    L.A roads x64l or billboards x64l

  • You can always install the billboard textures, then open the ytd files and replace the road textures. It's very time consuming, I installed LA Roads manually, then opened the textures and replaced the grass and rock textures with the files from project reload, then I installed the billboards mod - manually. It took me few hours to do it.

  • Wondering where I would start If I was looking to download a normally used Police mod. From the videos I have watched and such and just from information I have looked up, I am sure it is just a normal LSPD mod, just don't want to download anything that would crash my computer or cause any unnecessary problems. And do all mods from this site all work decently good?

  • @erdmanndrew86 Almost all the mods I've tried worked perfectly. If you know how to install properly, you won't have many crashes. But I can tell, your game will crash, at least one time when you modify.

    I consider crashing is good, because I will learn something from it, and after fixing the problem, I might be able to help someone else with the same problem.

    And LSPDFR, I think you should ask the questions in their site, because their site is completely dedicated to LSPDFR only. So, you may get answers faster there.

  • @DarthPungz I use L.A. Roads, customized Visual V and NaturalVision ✪ Photorealistic GTA V, Project Reload, Real Billboards, HD vehshare and some other texture mods. You should try them too.



    Thank you for the advice and guidance. I am going to be starting these sorts of mods up this week. Up to this point I have only been adding and replacing vehicles and some textures. I am excited about LA Roads and Billboards. Once I get this done I'll look to installing LSPDFR and all the cool associated mods.

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