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Hunk's Gear Shift Animation Ver. 3.2b - Unhandled Exceptions?

  • Recently when I used the mod it would get an unhandled exception on startup and every time I entered/exited a vehicle, crashing the script. I haven't changed anything except for some of my scripts that needed updating like Enhanced Native Trainer. Updated Manual Transmission to the latest version and also tried downgrading to see if it fixed it. No luck. Redownloaded 3.2b of the GSA mod. No luck.

    Here's my log on Pastebin.

    Did the new Scripthook version break it? Is it fixable? I like to use 3.2b and I'd use the Vehicle Basic Control mod but the only feature I want from it is the GSA feature and even then it just plays the animation infinitely. Plus 3.2b worked like a charm and I could choose RHD and paddle-shifting with it, though it'd break with some car models for some reason. I didn't like version 3.3.

    Some help would be appreciated considering Hunk won't answer anyone's comments/questions.


    The log indicates M3GTRWhine broke.

    GSA isn't updated any more, so you'll have to resort to VBC.

    If you suffer from the infinite animation issue, read the comments that everybody seems to ignore.

    @xskx0118 :

    Hey @Hunk I believe I found a solution for the infinite gearshiftanim. I set ANIMSPEED to 5.0f (originally 5,0) and ANIMSTOPPOINT to 0.5 (originally 0,5). I remembered seeing that txt in the GSA.ini and what do you know it worked. I hope this helps someone else I've been struggling with this issue for a few weeks!

    So change your commas to decimal or the other way around. It's a C# localization thing.

    Do note that stuff will break with Manual Transmissions' animation sync feature. I do aim to build in compatibility (stop my animations while the gear shift or other animations are playing) but Hunk will need to reply first.

  • I know it's not updated anymore, but it still worked just fine for me, I'm just trying to figure out why it's suddenly not working, and getting unhandled exceptions. If I'm in a car and restart the scripts via Insert, it works fine, until I get out of the car. The exception errors pop up above my radar. Despite being outdated it still worked just fine, and now it suddenly isn't.

    And in terms of VBC is there any way to disable all the other features?

  • alt text
    This is what I see.


    It might help to post the ScriptHookVDotNet.log where the GearShiftingAnim is actually logged.

  • Alright, try looking at this one. The other log was probably one from when I ran the game after deleting the script.

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