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IKT's Manual Transmission - Sync Steering Animation?

  • I've been trying to figure out what it does because for me it doesn't do anything, and I don't understand what it actually is supposed to do. Is there a video showcasing what it does?


    You could just, like, ask the author (me).

    It's ikt, not IKT btw.

    It does exactly what it says on the tin: Synchronize animations with wheel rotation using third-person animations. Only active for synced steering wheel rotation or custom controller wheel rotation. For a more in-depth explanation, read the 4.8.0 release notes included with the 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 release zips.

    It can be seen working in my later (post-4.7.1) uploads, such as

    When the option to sync the steering wheel with your real wheel is enabled, or when you enable the custom wheel rotation in Custom Steering, the steering wheel will rotate more than just 90 degrees left and right, but to whatever angle you put there.

    The player animations don't match up - in proper first person view, they only rotate 90 degrees left and right. While the default third person animations do rotate more, their animations are not synced with the steering wheel (which still rotates 90 degrees left or right) and in fact aren't really proportional to actual input.

    What the thing does - when overriding steering wheel rotation - is to play the third person animations and sync up the animation with the (new, overridden) steering rotation. Which allows for up to 360 degrees of rotation to either side. (or 180 degrees for "low" cars)

  • For me I've tried enabling a bunch of settings everywhere and no matter what it doesn't work for me. The steering wheel always rotates the same. Enabling/disabling use of the wheel (i don't use one) in the settings, turning on MT and turning it off, nothing. I don't know what settings I have to use specifically or enable/disable to get it to work. I use the keyboard btw.


    1. Controls -> Steering assists -> Steering mode: Enhanced
    2. Controls -> Steering assists -> Custom wheel rotation :ballot_box_with_check:
    3. Misc options -> Sync steering animation :ballot_box_with_check:

    Is Only active for synced steering wheel rotation or custom controller wheel rotation. not enough of a hint that Custom wheel rotation should be enabled?

  • I could've sworn I was checking/unchecking those options and it made no difference. I'll try again though.

  • Yeah it works now. It was just because I didn't have steering set to Enhanced. Though I am loving the enhanced steering. I wonder if using this sort of system it'd be possible to recreate a brake-to-drift type of handling, like in Burnout for example.

    I'd also like to see somehow a way to override the driving animations. So like, if you're in a supercar, you could use like, IDK, SUV driving animations or something. Like, that's just an example. Though it'd probably look weird/stupid and probably wouldn't be lined up with the steering wheel, lol.

    If Hunk's GSA worked correctly with this, then this would be the best thing ever. I'd wish he'd consider making the GSA portion of the VBC separate, and have it work compatible with your mod. Though if you're trying to figure out how to get it to function hand-in-hand with this, maybe you could try using dnSpy?


    im not going to put any more work into this

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