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game problems again

  • If you check my topics, you will find a lot of topics about game crashes. sorry if I put so many similar problems, but this is really weird.
    I installed a lot of mods before, and what I see was "unrecoverable fault" or " GTAV exited unexpectly" so I decided to decrease my mods. now I only have IVPack, gameconfig and trainer and replace two weapons. all required files are installed and their version is always the latest.
    Now what happens is, my game crashes randomly, like before, but this time there is no messages like "game exited unexpectly" nothing, just crash. I tried many things, like remove the unnecessary programs. turn off the firewall. but still crashes.
    I also asked the author of the mods, and they said their mod will not affect the game. the game was purchased from steam instead of other places like Epic.
    wondering if there is any player who have the same problem like me?

  • @gentlejoey123458 This should be in the trouble shooting section. Do the logs have anything in them about the crash? Your best bet is to remove all mods and start over since you don't have many installed. Add just one mod and test it out thoroughly, and I mean thoroughly since it is a random crash. If it is ok after awhile, add another mod and retest thoroughly. If all is well then add one more and test thoroughly. Keep doing that and if you crash, remove the latest mod you installed and retest to make sure it was the culprit. If so, forget about the mod and add another one. It isn't the fastest method to add mods, but it has saved me much headache trying to figure out the reason for a crash since you aren't trying to narrow down what is causing the crash if you add a bunch at one time.


    This not the way to ask for support. Please, see: How to ask for help and support

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