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I keep getting script errors on several similar gang war mods

  • I can activate the following two mods (plus another, but that one's old so I'm ignoring it right now):

    Gang War(.Net): https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/georgezhang-s-gang-war-net
    SimpleGangWar: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simplegangwar

    Both of these mods DO activate and launch, but both regularly give me script errors that I can't figure out no matter what I do. The first one, Gang War, allows you to press a button to create a gang war zone anywhere at any time. I can do that no problem. This creates a corona at the spot which allows you to press another button to begin the war there. When I do this, the next step (choosing my team and options) only begins on a seemingly random basis. Other times it doesn't go to that step, I get a script error, and the mod is deactivated unless I reset the scripts with Insert.

    The other mod, SimpleGangWar, allows you to press one button to open the mod, place an enemy spawn point, then place an ally spawn point, at which time the battle begins automatically. But while I can do this every time, I consistently and without exception get a "boolean" error referring to a specific line in the mod's file regarding the spawning of characters. I can open this mod in notepad++ and see the line in question, which does in fact refer to character spawning, but I don't know what, if anything, needs changing. No one else is reporting this problem.

    Both authors have been off the site for some time, though I think the second mod was released after the Epic Games version of GTA, which is the one I am using. I am also using the latest Script Hook and Net. Can anyone take a bit of time to try to help me figure this out?

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