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Prop disappears

  • If I change the angle of the camera, the object disappears.
    The prop is mine

  • @D4rkst3r bbmin and bbmax values are incorrect in the ytyp.

  • thank you that was the mistake made the ytyp with 3ds max and that was the mistake

  • @D4rkst3r Yeah, I've been having the same issue lately with the bb values being wrong using the Neos7 maxscript ytyp tool as well, I know there is another ytyp creating tool on the gta5mod site, but I've actually learned how to get the correct values manually while still in 3ds so it is quick for me. I can post a little video tutorial on that if needed/wanted. I would just have to make it and post it when I get a chance, would be a few hours from now. But basically while in 3ds, and with the entity at 0,0,0 and while viewing from the top, I take the cursor and move it to both ends of the object. In the ytyp I make sure the bbmin is all the negative values and max is the positive. In 3ds, the way the arrow is pointing I put for the max values and behind the arrow for the min values. I also make sure the edge of the object is in the center when I'm placing the cursor there for the value so it is more accurate, but it is ok for the bb values to be slightly bigger than the object so 100% accuracy isn't really necessary.

    I've been able to go from this ... alt text

    to this usually with the first set of values i input. Occasionally I need to fine tune it depending on how big the entity is. ... alt text

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