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windows app mod installer

  • Hi, I love this form and I love the aeroplanes mod. My idea is to make windows app that can install any mod or script that pull all info from this website and then the creators of these mods can tell the program where to put all the files with simple text file or code. You see I want to install all aeroplanes on this website and that's so much time lost of pages so I thought why do some not make GTA 5 mod exe files that come to this website and then with few clicks of a mouse you pick what mods you want then you click download and install and then the program download the mod and then extract and install to GTA 5 folder and it installs everything that is required to make the mod work. This would be one click mod installer mebe even for those none experience mods will be able to install any mod with few cliks

  • open iv has simular usability, but some modders just dont make their mods to an ''open iv package'' which would install itself when you run it.

  • Yes why not, but some mods needs other mods to work, and this also can create compatibilities issues between mods(if you install more than one mod) i dont think this is doable correctly. Best way for me is manual install, then you know what modifications you did, and you can uninstall or fix mod, this needs some learning of course but this is the definition of modding.

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