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Reverting files/data to play GTA:O

  • i finally took the plunge into modding this game, i downloaded one of the flood mods which is really just a modified water.xml page in the common.rpf structure. so i got openiv, which in turn had me install asi loader and something else, and when i went to replace the xml file it advised me to instead copy it to a 'mods' folder that openiv created. ok.

    well it worked, the city was flooded super cool, but after i swapped the files back i still couldnt play online, said i had modified files, so i erased the whole 'mods' folder, and when that didnt work i uninstalled the whole game and redownloaded at 86 or so gb from steam. still didnt work so it made me think there is something in the MyDocuments folder or somewhere else that a clean install wouldnt catch, but i dont see anything.. any advice? i can still play single player and fivem but i'm really jonesing for some gtao after a week without it D':

  • dinput8.dll is probably still present in the game's main folder.

  • yes, that fixed it! thanks ireburn!

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