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Game crashing upon pressing story mode.

  • Hey, I'm having an issue where as soon as I press story mode my game immediately closes. I'm running the latest legit version of GTA 5, using openiv, script hook , script hook dot net (normal, 2, 3) addons peds, custom maps, map editor, map builder and some addon and replace cars. I narrowed it down by removing things and seeing what didnt work, Its something to do with the modded update.rpf since when its removed everything works fine , so far I tried to replace dlclist.xml and extratitleupdatedata.meta with the original which did nothing so I dont think its that. I can upload some logs and photos of directories if needed.
    Any help or direction or fixes would be appreciated thanks.

  • I'm having the same problem. The game closes without an error message. What I notice is that if you disconnect the internet once you have already opened the rockstar launcher you have no problem.


    @EdherVela thats odd, how do you do it when I disconnect my internet I cant load up the game I get a network error?

  • Ok so I fixed this by installing a gameconfig, if you want the one I have add me @PukeBington#7240 on discord.

  • @pukeington said in Game crashing upon pressing story mode.:


    can you share link of gameconfi file plz...

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