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Is there any PovCameraOffset reader and changer while in game?

  • I'm trying to adjust my camera position for my addon cars. I currently have 60 cars and it's a real pain in the ass to fine tune the settings for every vehicle one by one :( Literally had to restart game 6-8 time for 1 car only :/

    So is there any mod that can see the PovCameraOffset values from the car's vehicles.meta and also allow you to change them while in game? So I can get the values I need and put them in the vehicles.meta .

    I would very much appreciated such a mod.

  • @Aurora11 Try this mod
    It will save individual settings of each vehicle. It's integrated into the game's pause menu.

  • @Dogamizer Thank you very much. Does it also use the real values from the car's camera values in it's vehicles.meta or are the numbers are different for the mod?

  • @Aurora11 I think it offsets from what it reads in the vehicles.meta then it saves to its own xml file.

    An example of a saved vehicle

            <Preset name="fov" type="float">70</Preset>
            <Preset name="viewOffsetZ" type="float">0.02</Preset>
            <Preset name="minPitch" type="float">-18</Preset>
            <Preset name="minPitchExt" type="float">-18</Preset>
            <Preset name="maxPitch" type="float">23</Preset>
            <Preset name="maxPitchExt" type="float">23</Preset>

  • @Dogamizer Ugh it has fov option too :/ That option always breaks the view in my look :( I will still give it a try though.

    Thank you.

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