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fatal: can't find native 0xc1f1920baf281317 problem

  • i do not know what this means but it will not let me start my game with scripthookv1.0.877.1 or any previous. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • So I solved my own problem for those having the same. Your game should definitely be updated. What I was doing while scripthook kept crashing, instead I was opening the WRONG GTA application.

    I was SUPPOSE to open "Play GTA" from the jump so I kept having this problem. Once you open "Play GTA" it will give you the proper updates. I didn't have to reinstall a damn thing or remove any mods. I've learned that The applications play different parts. Lol This INDEED fixed my problem and I am running the updated 1.0.877 ScripthookV with my game. And NO i am not using Steam.

    This should help others. Thanks!

  • How to fix this

  • I got the same message but this doesnt really tell me how to fix

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