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[SCRIPT] Custom Spawning PedList

  • Idk if someone is able to do that but would be so cool

    Well the idea would be to allow player to set his own pedlist that will define what ped will spawn and in wich area. Remplacing the normal citizen.
    So basicly it could be something like remplace citizen spawning in Los Santos by BigFoot (just an ex but can be an other ped or why not multiple other ped sure)
    Also maybe we could choose by area
    And the top would be to be able to custom relationship

    hope to be clear enough and that it's possible ;P

  • Also, it could permit a new gameplay possibilty, i mean, we could turn LS into an abandoned city (remplace ped by animal like rat and boar xP) or underwar city (mercenary vs army, or gang or etc), make paleto bay a cultist town, remplace human by alien, make an alien vs army war, remplace cultist by hippy, etc etc

    Just by choosing wich ped will remplace wich one and with the abilty to set the relation ship and weapon we could change the whole gameplay would be fun.
    Idk, may it already exist a such mod but I didn't find ;S

  • @Shaezbreizh If you change the values in the file popgrops.ymt, you can change which peds spawn in which ped groups. And then if you change the values in popcycle.dat, you can change which groups spawn in which areas.

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