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Some car models I spawn in that I saved in my Menyoo list spawn with offset windshields.

  • Like I saved some variants to spawn in my Menyoo of certain models like the Bentley Continental Supersport or the Mini John Cooper Works models and the windshields are all bugged and broken.

    When I spawn them in the menu normally they work fine but if I save them in my saved vehicles and spawn them that's when they break. Is there a fix? So far I've only encountered it with the Bentley and the Cooper.

    Here's one of the Bentley and here's one of the Cooper. Though as you can see when I did the Bentley not only did the windshield break but the entire f*cking bottom chassis as well for some reason. Tinted the glass on the Cooper to make it easier to see.

    Like I said, when I spawn them like normal, either by model name or via the list (going to Sports/Compacts, etc.), they work just. It's only when I spawn saved versions. Any help?

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