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What controls vehicle burn pattern after exploding?

  • Hello

    I have replaced some vehicles and noticed that some of them gets completely black after exploding and some don't.

    What controls this and how can I change it?

    Before: https://ibb.co/W0w2ptP
    After: https://ibb.co/dcc3wJv

    Notice how the BMW is not completly black after exploding I think this looks better and this seems to be what the orig vehicles do.


  • @ZibbeZutt
    Generally, the 'vehicle_generic_burnt_int' & 'vehicle_generic_burnt_out' textures in 'vehshare.ytd' (or possibly burnt textures from the vehicle's own '.ytd') are applied to the vehicle.

    Best guess, it's a shader (uneditable atm afaik) that applies the texture, as I see no reference to those textures in any vehicle '.yft' (after exporting to '.yft.xml' with Codewalker). Someone who makes vehicles with ZModeler may have more detailed info :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    Thank you for your reply, ok I understand.

    Its bugging me out but 3d modelling goes beyond my capabilities.

    Would be nice if someone knew and could give some further hints.

    Maybe its possible to open ytf/ytd for editing in an appriopriate tool and change some parameters and export out again, I dunno.

    Best regards

  • Or if there is a more global setting for all vehicles controlling how long it takes for the them to "burn up" i. e. change color after exploding.

    Now it just takes a couple of seconds for it to change, would be more realistic to increase this value.

  • @ZibbeZutt
    Have a play about with the 'EXP_VFXTAG_VEHICLE' line in 'explosionfx.dat' or the 'CAR_METAL' line in 'firefx.dat' & see if anything influences the speed of the texture change etc (there are certainly time & range values, just don't know if/how they influence the texture appearance). :thumbsup:

    Test any edits out on a few cars, including some vanilla ones, just in case some of your add-on's are funky etc

    Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV to search for stuff by name :thumbsup:

    Main 'explosionfx.dat' is here (there are a few others (~10) in the game too, for dlc items & such, but this is the main one to edit):

    There's usually only one copy of 'firefx.dat' here:


    but if you find a copy in 'update.rpf' here:


    edit the 'update.rpf' one instead :thumbsup:

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