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[Script] Burnout camera script request

  • I have no experience with scripts asking someone to make a tyre/tire burnout camera effect like in Need for speed payback

    How it should work
    doing a burnout for over 2 seconds triggers a camera effect

    The camera should be placed (offset) to the left rear wheel of the vehicle

    .ini configurations should be as follows

    Vehicles with a certain class can have the effect for example sports, Super with the ability to add or remove classes

    Ability to exclude or include certain vehicles manually

    Available for addon cars

    This link has an preview of what I'm explaining
    Ofcourse it would need a better angle so the camera doesn't go through the world but this is basically what I mean with a smooth transition to and from the new camera angle
    link text
    P.s I couldnt find an accurate picture with burnout. Please ignore the nitro

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