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Can't reload/add ammo

  • I have been using the same weapons loadout for years but in the past few days my guns will no longer reload and the ammo stays at 0 (Heavy Pistol, Heavy Shotgun and Special Carbine). I have tried purchasing new ammo and adding max ammo with trainers (Enhanced and Menyoo).

    I tried the main troubleshooting steps with no luck (renamed mods folder, removed scripts and other various files and folders installed to the main GTA directory).

    This was a new clean install then modded with GTA Re-Sized (replaced game files / not added to mods folder). I am unable to revert and test. I have a second copy of the game without GTA Re-Sized but with the same mods installed and the weapons work but I don't think GTA Re-Size is the issue.

    I have put 100's of hours into creating a massive zombie world with over 150 mods and made so many changes and edits that anything could be the problem but I am hoping someone has experienced the same issue and knows how to resolve.

  • @Rebel420 You can try checking the weapons.meta. There's a minimum and maximum ammo value

  • @death7991 Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I looked through it all and didn't find anything that would be the cause. I even tried replacing the weapons.meta for the original vanilla version, from my working version and from other mods like Infinite Ammo or More Ammo For Weapons and Realistic Ammo Max And Clip Magazine. The mods worked for every other weapon but the 3 mentioned in the OP. Even with menyoo mods like infinite clip and max ammo the guns still have 0 rounds and wont refill.

  • I never was able to determine what was the actual cause but I was able to narrow down the area, one of the mp files in dlcpacks. I replaced them with the files from my other copy of gta and everything seems to be running normal again.

  • Well I just made a total mess of things. The ammo problem is back with different weapons like the Assault Rifle.

  • did you ever manage to fix it?

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