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update.rpf and common.rpf

  • So I have seen some mods that says "Place it at common.rpf" For example mods\common.rpf\data\ai .

    Someone with a good knowledge told me the vehicles.meta in the update.rpf overwrites every other vehicles.meta including the one in dlcpacks.

    So my question is, is this same for any other file as well? For example if I copy the vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai instead, will it still work and overwrite any other vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta files?

  • @Aurora11 Files placed in the update.rpf take precedence over all other files. That goes for common.rpf and all the x64 files as well. Rockstar have never touched any of the files in the root directory with updates, etc.

    If you understand the structure of update.rpf, you can put ANY game files in there. You have to be very precise exactly where you put those files, though.

  • @Dogamizer Oh that's good. Thank you very much :))

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