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[dispatch.meta] Is there any way to define a specific area to generate certain vehicles

  • I already played "rde" and noticed that in certain areas, different enemies and different vehicles were generated. From what I saw in dispatch.meta I only found 2 types of zones ("VEHICLE_RESPONSE_ARMY_BASE" and "VEHICLE_RESPONSE_COUNTRYSIDE"). I didn't find any more and here's my question: How do I get specific peds (I'm talking about the police) to generate in specific areas (Ex: Humane Labs and Research)?

  • @funtimeandrefoxy

    R.D.E SixStarResponse Script:
    I think RDE does it by using the 'SixStarResponse' script, it's highly editable using the 'ResponseLocations.xml/ResponseZones.xml/ResponseVehicles.xml' etc files.
    There are basic instructions in the '.xml' files defining what they do. You should be able to install just the script to your game & then edit accordingly.
    That's probably your best bet, if you want a similar result to RDE. :thumbsup:

    You can gain access to the files in any '.oiv' using 7zip, it treats an '.oiv' just like any other archive. Open/extract the '.oiv' with 7zip to gain access to the SixStarResponse script & files, if you don't have them openly available etc.

    If the SixStarResponse script don't work for some reason, try 'zonebind.ymt' (decrypted 'zonebind.ymt' here).
    Note: Once installed OpenIV will still think it can't edit it, so just drag & drop it in & out of OpenIV & edit with text editor of choice (Notepad++ etc), no need to use 'export to META/XML' etc, just drag & drop & it will always remain decrypted.


    You also have 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_DEFAULT' (ie LSPD/City area). If left blank in 'dispatch.meta', that is what will be used.
    Best guess, you should be able to define a new 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_#####' in 'dispatch.meta' for 'zonebind.ymt' to use instead of 'VEHICLE_RESPONSE_DEFAULT/COUNTRYSIDE/ARMY_BASE'
    If that works, you could get pretty complex with it, defining a multitude of different spawn areas/types etc. There are literally tons of areas defined in 'zonebind.ymt' (like ~1300 different zones)

  • OK, thanks for the help

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