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Invisible Casino

  • The Diamond Casino has completely vanished from my game. The entire area from the parking lot to the building itself is completely transparent but some items remain like plants, the rooftop terrace decor and entrance to the building. While the building is transparent the walls are still solid, meaning I am not able to walk straight across without colliding into invisible walls.

    I have no clue what I did wrong or how to fix but this happened after trying to resolve an issue I had with ammo not loading and was able to narrow down the problem to one of the mp folders in dlcpacks. I replaced them with copies from another gta install on my system which only made things worse. I've tried putting mpvinewood and patchday21ng folders back to the original backups and even the vanilla files but that didn't seem to resolve anything.

    Before I scrap this current build and start over again from scratch can someone please help me?


  • I reverted all files to their backups and the casino has returned to normal.

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