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Is it possible to import portions of the GTAV map to 3ds Max and it retains its proper coordinates?

  • I am trying to import parts of the map from the mountains and Beach front areas to edit, but I cannot seem to import anything into 3ds Max without it all being bunched into the center of the viewfinder. Is there a way to import buildings and grounds objects and have them retain their location as if it would in game?

  • @MADVILLAINY You take their position and rotation coordinates from CodeWalker and put those into 3ds to place them where they would be in the gta world. Make sure you have the composite selected when you are moving things so you don't mess up the pivot placement of the mesh. Static collisions should import into 3ds and be where they are in the gta world without the need to do anything.

  • I forgot to mention, you'll need to use this website to convert the quaternions shown in CW to the euler rotation coords for input into 3ds. https://quaternions.online/

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