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Help with Sounds - Footsteps and Juggernaut/Ballistic Suit Movement

  • I'd like to know where I can find the sounds for different types of footsteps as well as the Juggernaut/Ballistic Suit movement from the Paleto Bay Bank Heist Mission.

    Help with finding these would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • @Aldritch
    Footsteps in these (might be others in dlc somewhere also):



    OpenIV > 'Ctrl+F3' > Select 'Search for: [Audio tracks]' in dropdown > Try searching for related terms & see if you find anything.
    Note: The 'Audio tracks' search will only find those search terms inside '.awc's. It doesn't search the '.awc' filename, use 'Search for: [Files and folders]' in dropdown to search for file names.

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