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Every Scrocher bicycle replacer crashing my game

  • I have a truly awkward problem with mods that replace Scorcher bicycle. and I'm starting to believe it's all of the mods..

    I have tried these 2 mods so far;

    The awkward problem is nothing is wrong when I spawn it, ride it and such. The problem happens when the Scorcher spawns naturally in game. Since they mostly spawn at Mirror Park, that's where I am going to test this. and whenever I go there, my game crashes...

    In the Banshee's comments some say it's crashing the game but I didn't see any comment in NS Bike regarding the crashes.

    Does anyone else having this issue while using a Scorcher bicycle replacer?
    Also if someone using a replacer without crashes at Mirror Park, can you please share the link of the mod you using.

    Thank you all in advance.

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