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How do people create custom clothing/shoes/accessories on GTA vmod site?

  • Iv'e been trying to find videos everywhere but can't seem to find it :(

    What programs would i need and how to get started
    I want to make my own style instead of using everyone elses all the time. Let me know! :)***

  • get 3ds max and install gims evo plugin, theres a video on how to convert mp clothes to sp characters

  • @NGame I cant use 3dsmax 2021 wit the GIMS evo plugin. wont work and im looking for how to use Zmodeler for converting clothes to my MP female character using that program

  • @NGame i actually meant to say how do you convert othering clothing into MP female/male on gta v? i see some creators making branded clothing to use either on
    SP or MP freemode female/male, im looking to learn how to do it for my freemode female. i can't seem to find a youtube video that explains that :(

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