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non-spawning cars

  • hi i was wondering if anyone could help i recently added the latest Topcar-Design cars and my list has several that don't spawn i assumed they were slight differences but don't s[awn, is there anyone else who has these added lines in there mod trainer or how to remove the non-spawning lines..

  • @Xmodz

    You are adding the lines to 'dlclist.xml' yeah?


    The file should be in a format like this:

    Example (of just the bottom few lines):

    		<item>dlcpacks:\4444\</item>  <!-- Note:  Topcar-Design was missing the 'item' parts in his description-->

    Still having issues, post a copy of your complete 'dlclist.xml' using a codeblock, thanks.

    Codeblock Instructions:

    Copy these three lines to a blank txt file etc, overwrite only this line with everything in 'dlclist.xml', copy all ('Ctrl+A' & then 'Ctrl+C') & post into reply.

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